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note on kde3 debs

A couple of days ago, some KDE3 RC4 debs were released first to a small
group of testers, and later to #debian-devel. (Testing KDE3 when you're
charged per meg doesn't scale; I don't have the space to build here, so
I do it on a build box in the US). \ifvoid later released it to #debian,
kindly dropping the note that they were a) completely untested and b)

If you haven't heard the noise on IRC, let me reiterate something:
Those debs are !!FUCKED!!.

a) they don't work
b) ktalkd contains a file named "usr/sbin"

Yes, I've already been flamed about this, because someone was thoughtful
enough to --force-all the whole lot. Mmm, yes.

Daniel "do I *look* like I'm uploading to unstable?" Stone

Daniel Stone						    <daniel@sfarc.net>
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