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Re: ITP: FireBird 1.0 (InterBase 6.0 compatible) - packages available

W liście z wto, 26-03-2002, godz. 13:19, Grzegorz Prokopski pisze: 
> Package: wnpp
> Version: N/A; reported 2002-03-26
> Working packages of FireBird 1.0 are available at:
> http://sente.pl/debian/
> (You may want to set Your http_proxy to
>  http://itnunix.itn.pwr.wroc.pl:8080/ to access above site via better
> outside world link)
> If You're interested in FireBird/InterBase - please try them.
> Any opinions, ideas, patches are welcomed.
> There are 4 types of packages - by multiplying 32/64 bit IO and two
> Server architecutres - Super (threaded) and Classic (standard unix
> processes). Plus there is -doc package too.
> Warning: they change as I build new and improved versions, but are still
> at 1.0.0-1 number, so look at timestamps of the packages!

For those who downloaded the packages (I saw You in server logs! ;-)
and those who have not decided to test FireBird yet - new packages
are available.

- copyrights file content
- typo in updating /etc/hosts.equiv which prevented super server from
- lack of removal of files in /var/run/firebird which caused errors when
switching between super and classic server (file formats seem to be
- lintian errors (unfixable warnings remained)

As we are on the topic - there is database file, which holds data about
users and their rights. ATM it is being put into
/var/lib/firebird/system/isc4.gdb. From technical point of view it's
a database like every other. But I'd rather say it's a config file,
as it:
- holds users database
- holds their rights etc.
- should NOT be removed when upgrading (I think this is what would
happen now, as it is normal file, which exists in every FB package)

The question then is: should I put this binary config file in
/etc/firebird ? If not - can I mark it as config file w/o moving
it to /etc ? What's Your advice ?


					Grzegorz Prokopski

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