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something about libgd1 of debian

Deer Sir,

  Somethings confused me by dependability of libgd. libgd[1|2] depends libc6,
libfreetype6, libjpeg62, libpng2, xlibs, zlib1g.

  It means that if i wanna install libgd with apt-tools, i must install
basic x-window system (xlibs depends on xfree86-common) at the same time?

  Originally, i have interest in cvsgraph, and trend to install in my pure
server. Unexpectedly, apt fetchs packages again and again. In the end, a real
monster, X-window, was born in my server.

  That is my question. In the ports source tree of FreeBSD, cvsgraph depends
on gd.2, jpeg.9 and png.5. It was very comforting news to me is gd.2
not depending on x-window. Why difference between between debian and

  Thanks in advance.


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