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Re: /etc/mailname

This one time, at band camp, Matthew Palmer wrote:
>However, if a file is deleted that is not owned by any package, then no
>package should have a problem with that.  I don't think that's the case for
>/etc/mailname.  I seem to recall having mail sent as 'mjp16@<null>' (yes,
>entirely literal string) at one point in the dim past, as a result of not
>having an /etc/mailname.
>If a package wants a file, it should either own it or depend on a package
>that does.

libpaperg does something similar[1], sure I feel it would be worthwhile
creating a mailname package that owns /etc/mailname, thus packages have
something to depend on.

Post woody, of course.

[1] Yes, libpaperg has more than just a conffile, but you get what I mean.

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