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Re: duplicate documents

martin f krafft@lists.debian-devel@Mon, 25 Mar 2002 15:08:52 +0100:
>  - move all docs to a -doc package and delete all html and txt
>    documentation (aside changelog, TODO, README etc) from the main
>    package?
This sounds like the best solution to me..

>  - install the docs that come with -src in the main package, but also
>    provide a -doc package with the contents of the -doc tarball? this
>    will efectively result in some duplicate docs installed on the user
>    system.
Or maybe you can make the -doc package symlink to the packages also
available in -src. That'd be a solution as well.

>  [..]. is it that /usr/share/doc/<package> may only be touched by
>  <package> and never by another .deb?
Policy says that documentation should always be in
/usr/share/doc/<package>.. But this looks like an exception:

     If your package comes with extensive documentation in a markup format
     that can be converted to various other formats you should if possible
     ship HTML versions in a binary package, in the directory
     /usr/share/doc/<appropriate-package>' or its subdirectories.[1]

[1]  The rationale: The important thing here is that HTML docs should be
     available in _some_ package, not necessarily in the main binary

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