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duplicate documents

a software that i am packaging [1] provides a -src and a -doc tarball.
problem is that some of the docs are present in -src *as well*, but
-doc is far more extensive.

  1. http://emailrelay.sourceforge.net

how should i proceed?

- move all docs to a -doc package and delete all html and txt
  documentation (aside changelog, TODO, README etc) from the main

- include *all* docs in the main package (deb.size += 400kb)

- install the docs that come with -src in the main package, but also
  provide a -doc package with the contents of the -doc tarball? this
  will efectively result in some duplicate docs installed on the user

and then i have another question: take two packages, mypackage.deb and
mypackage-doc.deb, the documentation for the first package being
provided by the second. why does mypackage-doc.deb install the docs
into /usr/share/doc/mypackage-doc, but IMHO the mypackage docs should
go into /usr/share/doc/mypackage and /usr/share/doc/mypackage-doc
should only contain changelog, README and the other standard docs that
most every package provides. is it that /usr/share/doc/<package> may
only be touched by <package> and never by another .deb?

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