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changing locations in a package

hi folks,

i got this software that i am packaging and i am faced with
a challenge:

the make install of the software installs a couple of shellscripts and
html files in /usr/share/<package>. imho, these are to live in
/usr/share/<package>/doc/{examples,html} respectively. but how do
i get them there?

i see a couple of options. i do not want to modify the
configure/Makefile scripts to keep maintainability high, so i'll do
some stuff in debian/rules in the install section. but which of the

  (a) list /usr/share/doc/<package>/{examples,html} in debian/dirs to
      have the directories created automatically, then use an explicit
      /bin/mv command to move the files around within the
      debian/<package>/usr hierarchy

        make install prefix=./debian/<package>
        /bin/mv ./debian/<package>/usr/share/<package>/*.sh \

  (b) use dh_install{examples,docs} and specify the source files
      within the debian/<package>/usr, then delete them afterwards:

        make install prefix=./debian/<package>
        dh_installexamples ./debian/<package>/usr/share/<package>/*.sh
        /bin/rm ./debian/<package>/usr/share/<package>/*.sh

  (c) same as (b), but pull the files out of the source directory
      (i.e. from where make install copied them into
      ./debian/<package>/usr/share/<package>), and remove the already
      installed files within ./debian/<package>/usr/share/<package>

        make install prefix=./debian/<package>
        dh_installexamples ./bin/*.sh
        /bin/rm ./debian/<package>/usr/share/<package>/*.sh

your advice appreciated! i am tending towards (c) while hoping to be
able to influence the upstream author to incorporate these changes
into the tarball already.

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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