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Re: Cryptographic software in main archive

On Sam, 23 Mär 2002, Anthony Towns wrote:


> 	* For woody, we're only accepting packages that've already been
> 	  in non-US. eg, while it would be nice to just have an SSL
> 	  enabled postfix in main, we're instead going to play it safe
> 	  and leave postfix without SSL, and have postfix-tls (with SSL)
> 	  sitting in the archive next to it. Naturally, this restriction
> 	  will be lifted after woody's released.

It makes sense to me to have a daemon with and without -ssl (eg
postfix, exim, apache,..) but makes it sense for other programms.
I mean for example wget, w3m, lynx, lftp, links,... who have a -ssl
pendant in non-US.
I would like to add the -ssl configure option to the program in main
and remove program-ssl in non-US (like the webmin maintainer did but the
was no reaction to his mail, afaik). 

Maybe someone can help me to understand why this way is a problem?


	Noèl Köthe

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