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Re: ITP: mencal -- A menstruation calendar

> I understand that there is a fine difference b/w something that is
> useless and might be useful but lets be resonable here. Is it fine to
> package something like an application that will play a sound file
> at the top of the hour?? I would find that very much useless as there
> are many ways of doing that without adding more packages to the archive.
> Someone before said that for a package to be included in Debian, x 
> number of DD should vote for it so it's accepted. With this ITP, I think
> that the voting become much more popular to me.
> Anyway, this should _not_ be a seperate package - maybe they should add it 
> as another built-in app into Emacs :)


Or in the real world it might be a patch to gcal, so gcal can be 
extended as a 'really nifty' calendar package.

Peter 'darke' Crystal

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