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Re: Can I Help

On Sat, 23 Mar 2002 18:59, Bill-Gates@Microsoft.com wrote:
> I\'m getting bored not doing any of my own programming, the last thing I
> helped program was microsoft foundation classes WordPad
> I\'d like to help in anything, but particulary Web Browser

Sorry Bill but I think that we have plenty of people working on web browsers 
for Debian.  Also to be perfectly honest after seeing the way IE works some 
people will doubt your abilities in this area.

If you really want to help us I suggest that you give $1M to every Debian 
developer, I believe that this small amount of your money will greatly help 
the development of Debian (and let me assure you that after receiving my $1M 
I will be happy to focus some of my work on web browsers).

Russell Coker

PS  This is just a joke so I'm not bothering to send it to any @microsoft.com 
addresses.  They are a humourless bunch of people.

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