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Re: ITP: mencal -- A menstruation calendar

23.03.2002 pisze Jeremy T. Bouse (jbouse@debian.org):

> 	Well I guess it would  be helpful for those of you still dating
> 	so you can try to gauge if she's just in a bad mood or
> 	something else...

  If this is a simple calendar that automagically calculates the
  menstruation date, it's probably quite unusable in real world (too
  much uncertainity); for those who have chosen not to use the hormonal
  contraceptives there are better methods of determining the ovulation
  date (and the ovulation is what matters, not the menstruation ;-)) --
  but all of these methods require some observation.

>       For those of us that are already married you don't need this
>       kind of assistance... You already know... 

Oh, please. Marriage isn't really THAT bad. :->

best regards,

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