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Re: Why does autoconf depend on autoconf2.13?

Phil Edwards <phil@jaj.com> writes:

> Looking over the 'dpkg -L' output, it appears that all the files needed by
> autoconf (now at 2.53) are provided in that package.  It doesn't appear --
> AFAICT -- to use anything from autoconf2.13.
> So I tried to purge autoconf2.13 but dpkg bitched at me.  I'm curious why.

I'm making autoconf depend on autoconf2.13 until we make a
release.  People bitch at me about this on a regular basis, but
their old autoconf scripts still work because the wrapper script
will fall back to 2.13.

When we release the next Debian, I'll remove the dependency.
Then people will bitch at me because their old scripts will no
longer work because they forgot to install autoconf 2.13.

Trust me, there is no way to win here.
"I consider that the golden rule requires that if I like a program
 I must share it with other people who like it."
--Richard Stallman

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