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Re: Key-signing for prospective developer in UK?

On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 11:11:58AM +0000, Phil Brooke wrote:
> I'm normally based in Plymouth, UK, but will be in
> London for a (very) short time at the end of this week
> (Thu 21, Fri 22 Mar).  If any Debian developers are
> likely to be around then, can you get in touch with me
> to see if it's realistic to meet up?

Actually, I'll be in London from Thursday on (will send mail to -private
and -uk later). Thursday afternoon would be fine for signing, as I'll
meet with my friends in the evening and don't plan to be sober for the
rest of the weekend afterwards...


"From time to time, (currently, every 3 months) the unstable
distribution enters a state of `code-freeze' in anticipation of release
as a stable version."
                -- Debian Policy Manual, Section D.2.14

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