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Re: Announcing ...

On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, Steve Kowalik wrote:

> At  9:12 pm, Sunday, March 17 2002, Matt Zimmerman mumbled:
> > Great; I look forward to installing it.  When will packages be available?
> >
> You can grab a tarball from http://people.debian.org/~stevenk/linda and
> debian/rules binary it.
> --
>                                            Steve
> <jim> Lemme make sure I'm not wasting time here... bcwhite will remove
>       pkgs that havent been fixed that have outstanding bugs of severity
>       "important".  True or false?
> <JHM> jim: "important" or higher.  True.
> <jim> Then we're about to lose ftp.debian.org and dpkg :)

dpkg has no rc bugs.  The fix for the security one is sitting in

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