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Re: Retitled: Packaging

On Thursday 14 March 2002 09:04 pm, Mark Eichin wrote:
> > Why have a package system if it's not used? That is a problem with both
> > RPM
> I don't recall the FHS having a well-known-place for "wallpaper".  If
> anything, it goes "in the user's homedir".  As such, it is out of our
> domain.
Quoth the FHS2.2, section 4.11:

"Any program or package which contains or requires data that doesn't need to 
be modified should store that data in /usr/share (or /usr/local/share, if 
installed locally).  It is recommended that a subdirectory be used in 
/usr/share for this purpose."

Say, for example, wallpaper images, which are commonly stored in 
/usr/share/wallpapers, in perfect compliance with the FHS.

In fact, we already have a package (kdewallpapers) that stores wallpapers in 

> For another example: what useful bug reports will the BTS have for a
> set of wallpaper images?
So... Having packages that are bug-free is bad in what way?

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