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Re: inappropriate racist and other offensive material

> > IMO, the correct decision would be for the Debian Jr. meta package to
> > conflict with anything that may be offensive. We have things like the
> > anarchy docs
> How are those offensive? I'm much, much more offended by bloated
> software like gnome, but I can choose not to install it without
> needing a metapackage.

Yep. My religion doesn't allow me to have on my box anything
emacs-related (= *emacs + packages with the sole purpose of supporting
*emacs). Now gettext *depends* on gettext-el.

I'm very offended by this.

This was not a joke.

P.S. It is the place where we have *true* racism. This dependence is a
spit in the faces of non-emacs people. [This was a joke.]


"Python is executable pseudocode, Perl is executable line-noise."

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