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Re: Debian-based distro for blind users


At Wed, 13 Mar 2002 22:03:44 +0100,
Ray wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 20:17:52 -0500, sebastien wrote:
> > I am in charge of a linux distrib for blind people, and in an attempt to 
> > provide an easy distrib (let's just not forget they read it all with their 
> > fingers!), I'd like to adapt all the advantages of debian (like apt for 
> > example) but leaving it a light distrib, just with possibility to access by 
> > downloading to a full distrib, I guess it is possible without too much 
> > trouble, I am leaving it up to you guys, just please let me know what is 
> > possible, ok?

Kazunori Minatani <minatani@debian.or.jp>, who is blind man and good
hacker, and I have developed Debian customized CD-image for blinders.
Unfortunately, this is based on potato and has no good documentations,
but it will be helpful for blind people who use serial console or USB
pin display.

You can get from:
http://misato.debian.or.jp/~kmuto/minatani-uhci.iso (USB-UHCI support CD-img)
http://misato.debian.or.jp/~kmuto/minatani-uhci/ (USB-UHCI support FD-img)
http://misato.debian.or.jp/~kmuto/minatani-ohci.iso (USB-OHCI support CD-img)
http://misato.debian.or.jp/~kmuto/minatani-ohci/ (USB-OHCI support FD-img)
(But misato.debian.or.jp will be discarded in the future...)

* RS232C serial console support. (When first boot prompt is displayed,
  just type like 'linux console=ttyS0')
* brltty engine embedded. (You can use USB or serial PIN display.
  When first boot prompt is displayed, type 'linux braille-device=?
  braille-driver=? speech-driver=? dot-translation=?')

  braille-device: device name. (ttyS0(default), ttyS1, ttyUSB0, ...)
  braille-driver: brltty driver name. (al(Alva, default),
    bl(BrailleLite18/40), cb(Tieman CombiBraille), ec(EcoBraille),
    eu(EuroBraille), md(MDV braille), ts(TSI), va(BAUM Vario))
  speech-driver: speech driver name. (no(No speech, default),
    al(Alva), bl(BrailleLite), cb(Tieman CombiBraille), fv(Festival),
    gs(Generic Say), tv(Televox))
  dot-translation: translation language (es, french, german, it, no-h,
    no-p, simple, sweden, swedish, uk, us(default))

  (Installer beeps when root disk loaded and launched up brltty)
* GNU Parted in /tools/ directory.
* This image only includes installer, so you must need to get Debian
  packages via official CD or network.

Known bug:
* Installer doesn't care about boot parameter for brltty. You must
  write same parameter in lilo.conf or specify parameter on boot prompt.
* This image use kernel 2.4.*, but potato installer can't handle this
  module location type. You can't setup module on installer. Please
  use 'insmod' on shell or upgrade woody/sid.

> That said, maintaining a separate distribution can mean a lot of extra
> hassle. You should consider if the needs of your target audience might not
> be better served if you work within the context of the Debian project to
> improve Debian's usefulness for blind users, similar to sub-projects like
> Debian-Jr and Debian-Med. At
> 	http://www.debian.org/devel/

Good. If someone create devel-ML for blind people, Minatani and I will
join it.
We can provide all of our know-how.
I wrote a documentation about our image at
http://www.topstudio.co.jp/~kmuto/debian/column/brltty.html in Japanese.

Kenshi Muto

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