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Re: Bug#137340: ITP: ip2host -- Resolve IPs to hostnames in web server logs

> What about nscd?  Sure, the webserver still has to do hostname
> resolution, but it's cached at the library level.  No server bloat
> necessary.

(1) there's still a delay for the first one (and the load issue is at
    least partly "memory occupied * time" footprint)
(2) high-traffic sites are high traffic due to numer of distinct and
    random users, not due to heavy single-user hits
(3) nscd is still doing broken reverse-caching (hmm, I thought there
    was an open bug on that, well there is now)

Downside is that reverse data can change.  A cleaner approach might be
something that logs to a filter, so that the requests are undelayed
but the logs have near-current data; there are subtle issues with
this, though.

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