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FYI: problems with spamassassin and procmail?

Since my adoption of spamassassin to filter incoming mails I'm
continuosly bounces by debian MLs. I finally received an occasional
bouncing by focus-linux@securityfocus.com also.
Reason for bouncing:

      Child process of procmail_pipe transport returned 70 (could mean
      internal +software error) from command: /usr/bin/procmail

This is clearly for me due to spamassassin (never received before).
Spamassassin is clearly a CPU hog (uptime ~ 40 at boot on my PIV 1.4Ghz with
128MB). Maybe this is due to some sort of 'cannot fork' error?

I used something like:

| nice spamassassin -P


* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

in my .procmailrc

The damn problem is that exim (which is my MTA) returns
an error to the sender for this kind of things. And list managers hates
this kind of things :(
Any hints?

Please CC to me, 'cause I'm currently not subscribed to any debian ML :(

Francesco P. Lovergine

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