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Re: php4 NMU for fixing RC bug

Luis Bustamante@lists.debian-devel@Wed, 6 Mar 2002 18:32:15 -0500:
>  This RC keeps PHP out of woody, so I already prepare an NMU to fix it.
>  At the moment I'm not an official Debian developer, I'm waiting for DAM
>  approval, so Wilmer van der Gaast <lintux@debian.org) will sponsor the
>  upload tomorrow if you consider it appropiate and if in the meantime
>  there isn't an upload by the official maintainer.
Heh, *pfew*, next time please do this post before doing any work like this..

When talking about NMU's, somehow I did an NMU on one of *my* packages last
night. How's that? And how should I prevent this from happening again? It's
just a bit weird.. The mail addresses and names in the changelog+control
were all the same. Maybe I forgot to adopt it correctly some time ago?

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