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Re: distributable but non-free documents

On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 11:31:58PM +0100, Jeroen Dekkers wrote:
> However, I don't see why that should give much problems. You don't
> want to change to standards anyhow.

I would.

For example, I would take some of the RFC's, c&p from them, add texinfo
markup and include bits of them in documentation of GNU software.

I would like to do the same with C99, POSIX, and other standards.

I can't.  When I find a bug in the glibc manual, and read up POSIX to find
out what it should be, I have to close my eyes for a minute and try to
forget what I just read before writing a bug report.  It would be easier to
move the mouse, c&p the missing sentence and paste it into the glibc manual.
But I am not allowed to do that, by copyright.

> But other than that, I don't see how it restricts the user. 

Just because you don't see it, it doesn't mean that it isn't there (many
politicians probably don't see how software patents restrict free software
developers either ;)


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