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Bug#136518: ITP: bochs - full intel emulator

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Bochs, pronounced BOX, has the logo "think inside the bochs", and is
already a very good alternative to the more commercial emulators we are
all familiar with. It is a full emulator for the Intel hardware, and will
even run on my Sparc, unlike other emulators which rely on Intel hardware
to perform some of their functions.

While bochs is still considered Beta software by its developers, it has
come a long way in the short while I have been tracking the CVS
archives, both building on and able to install a wide variety of OSs, and
there is agreement to produce another point release soon. Once that
release tarball is available, it is my intention to package it up for

The license is LGPL, and the URL is http://bochs.sourceforge.net.

Waiting is,

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