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Re: mICQ - RFA? Drop? [RFP]

* Sander Smeenk <ssmeenk@freshdot.net> [20020126 19:45]:
> I'd like your opinion about one of my pacakges: mICQ ...  It's a
> console ICQ client, but it doesn't support the new protocols, nor
> does it support direct connections by TCP. Once mICQ was a very good
> ICQ clone, now it's not worth much in the state it is right now.

> Should I drop the package from the Debian project?

Note that the package has been removed in the meantime.  Shortly
afterwards, there was word that upstream development is active again.
Sander is no longer interested in maintaining micq so if anyone is
interested in it go ahead (the sources of the removed micq package
should be archived under /org/ftp.debian.org/morgue/rhona on auric).
The two upstream maintainers seem to be nice fellas.

I've more information.  If you are interested in micq, please contact

Martin Michlmayr

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