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RE: [2002-03-03] Release Status Update

> There's also the one the testing scripts generate which give an indication
> of how buggy the versions of the packages in testing are, at:
> 	http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/testing_probs.html

Something that I don't understand is that this has:

Binaries from icu 1.8.1-2 cannot be installed:

But I have submitted ICU 2.0 a while ago, and it hasn't had problems. My
icu-2.0-3 is in unstable, but testing still has icu-1.8.1-2. I have no
active bugs.

If I look at http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/update_excuses.html it

icu (1.8.1-2 to 2.0-3) 
	Maintainer: Yves Arrouye 
	39 days old (needed 10 days) 
	Valid candidate

So, why the message about icu 1.8.1 if icu-2.0 could have moved into testing
29 days ago? Is something holding it off testing?


PS: also any ETA on master.debian.org coming back so we can dupload to it?

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