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Re: SDL up for adoption

On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 04:15:59AM +0100, Samuel Hocevar wrote:
> > Does anyone want to adopt libsdl? I feel I don't have the time to take
> > proper care of this package.
>    If no one else wants it badly, I can take care of it. I use SDL a lot
> and I also maintain libsdl-perl.
>    WRT current bugs, #108558 was probably fixed upstream since it
> also happened here but doesn't any more, #121756 is a problem with
> MPlayer which isn't even in Debian anyway, and #130529 can be closed
> by suggesting the user to install libsdl1.2debian-all and do a "export
> SDL_VIDEODRIVER=aalib". Also, the point made in #136237 seems wise to
> me.

I am interested, conditionally.

I've already got to track CVS anyway for bugfixes since I develop with SDL
every day.  I don't currently use ALSA but am planning to set that up
"soon" anyway to get wavetable support for my card, so I'll be able to
test with that.  I can't promise I'll be testing things like GGI support
often though since upstream seems to have stagnated (though I wouldn't
want to remove that support from the packages at the moment because the
GGI webpage swears that they're actually still working on it, really, they
are!  Go visit their irc channel if you don't believe them!)

If you're any more likely to use the stuff I'm not than I am, you should
definitely take the package.  Otherwise I already do maintain local SDL
packages anyway since I need to run the latest release, often more than a
couple patches from current CVS.

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I never thought that I'd see the say where Netscape is free software and
X11 is proprietary.  We live in interesting times.
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