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Re: A debian XML based project

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Renato BARRIOS wrote:

> Please see our medical and health informatical project with
> freesoftware. The aim of this idea is to offer high quality and
> economically available software to contribute to health networks
> development, specially in unfavorized regions.
> The website is at
> http://ovnibus.free.fr
As I said, we know about your project.
Just read
and especially

> At present the site is in a new phase of development and a new release
> will be finished soon. It will be simplified and there will be an XML
> oriented conception.

> I am searching financial
Debian is completely volunteer driven and you will not get any
financial support from Debian.  Please read http://www.debian.org
to learn more about Debian.

> and technical support for this project.
Our technical support could be to package your software.  To enforce this
I listed the project at the Debian-Med packages.  You have two options:

  1) Ask for packaging. Perhaps some friendly interested Developer
     (or a not-yet-developer which is sponsored --> read more about
     sponsoring at the Debian pages!!) will do the work.  The simple
     way to ask for packaging is by querying a bug report against
     the WNPP (Work needing and prospective packages) meta package.
     Just use the program "reportbug" of your Debian GNU/Linux system
     to file this bug report.  It is really easy to use.  If you
     do not have acces to a Debian system and have really no idea how
     to file a RFP (Request For Packaging) bug feel free to ask me
     and I will do that for you.

  2) Just do the packaging yourself and get a Debian developer as
     sponsor for your package.  To do this it is necessary to read
     the documentation for new maintainers at the Debian web pages.

Kind regards


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