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New Linux Aid Server Project

Hi There!

A new Debian project has been started.  Its about using Linux as a
communications server for Aid Organisations and NGOs.  Linux has a large
range of tools that can be combined together to get email through in
extreme conditions.  UUCP is a major part of this.

Debian was chaosen for this project because of the range of readily
available software, as well as the possibility of installing a system
with a light foot print.

The WWW page for this project, along with more information, can be found


Other projects I am running are up at:


If you want to help out, please reply to me and I will get back to you
when the mailing lists are setup tomorrow (if my slashdot promotion does
not mean I ahve to respond to a whole lot of email...).

Any help will be appreciated.

Best Regards,

Matthew Grant

PS:   Thanks to Christoph Lameter for the stuff to help out with the
install CD!

Matthew Grant	     /\	 ^/\^	grantma@anathoth.gen.nz      /~~~~\
A Linux Network Guy /~~\^/~~\_/~~~~~\_______/~~~~~~~~~~\____/******\

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