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Re: Package Browsing

> > I converted aptitude's new package browser into web pages.
> > http://people.debian.org/~erich/packagebrowser/
> very nice. These are the TROVE categories you wrote about earlier?

No, this are the categories from aptitude.
They're much more useful.
Trove is pretty... useless, i think. It has to many categories in some
places, too few in others. Not suiteable for packages, i think.
But i'm still planning something thelike.
I just had a lengthy discussion with a friend of mine taking pretty
different positions on the keywords issue ;) I've gotten at least one
important idea...

> Yeah. But what about the unclassified ones? Most of my packages are not
> classified yet, is there something I can do about this?

see the end of /usr/share/doc/aptitude/README. aptitude allows easy
categorization of your packages.
i think right now you should to submit your diff to
Daniel Burrows <dburrows@debian.org>, the maintainer of aptitude

Maybe the categorization should be designed by more people though.

> And is there some plan to use these categories in the package metadata
> after woody? Looks like we can make a smooth transition as more and more
> developers might include the categories in their control files and we
> can get rid of aptitude's data eventually.

I've proposed something like that a few month's ago; i hope we could
target this for woody+1; right now i would consider using the aptitude
data file as overrides file for the mirrors. I't be great to have this
in woody; aptitude does a great job already.

> Speaking of aptitude: I know it did not make it into base as the default
> packaging tool, but how about advocating its existence a bit? I have not
> read the release notes yet, so please forgive me this was done already.

No, these categories have been in there for some month's now.
They're pretty good documented with code examples how to use them in
your own apps in /usr/share/doc/aptitude/examples
I don't use aptitude much; i prefer simple command line apt-get and
apt-cache search; but i think it's the best console-based package
manager we do have (if it's stable; but i can't remember a segfault)
- for X, synaptic is quite cool. No "purge" button though, is there?

> Mentioning it on ./ might also help getting over with one of the top
> anti-debian-propaganda speach (dselect is lame)

We should launch some package-manager-variety article for this.
Maybe we should wait which package managers make it into woody, though,
and compare these.


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