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Re: should a postinst script create config files?

On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 10:17:29AM +1100, Brian May wrote:
> Just for the record, the problem with including it with a conffile
> (as you seem to imply), is that when the ForwardX11 option
> changes the system adminstrator has to decide which version of the
> file to install.

Not handling it as a conffile improves the situation how?

> If he/she picks don't install new file, then sshd is started with
> the old value of ForwardX11, until the adminstrator can/remembers
> to merge in the change.
> If he/she picks the new value, then sshd is started with the default
> policy, not the local policy. It is up to the system adminstrator to
> merge the changes together.
> Perhaps dpkg really needs an option: I want to use *that* file, but
> please let me edit it before blindly using it! Please remind me if
> I forget to edit it!

Well, dpkg does suggest suspending and doing the merge.  Though, I
agree that an option, "don't restart the service right now" would be
nice.  Maybe that could be implemented by moving the old conffile
and not installing the new one, so the service (presumably) will
fail due to missing configuration until the admin patches it up.


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