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Statuspage for OpenOffice in Debian

Hi .. 

I'm still working on OpenOffice. I hope, I get it into debian one time

Our currently biggest problem is, that we have newer bison/yacc versions
than 1.28 in woody/sid. The Sun developers didn't apply a patch, which
is already in there IssueZillaSystem .... 

With this patch, the build goes further, but a few minutes only, the
build fails again, because of wrong timestamps. I got this from
openoffice-dev mailinglist about my problem:

	> ../../unxlngppc.pro/obj/rsclex.o: In function `parser(RscFileInst *)':
	> ../../unxlngppc.pro/obj/rsclex.o(.text+0x1304): undefined reference to `yyparse(void)'
	> ../../unxlngppc.pro/obj/rsclex.o: In function `MacroParser(RscFileIns &)':
	> ../../unxlngppc.pro/obj/rsclex.o(.text+0x1408): undefined reference to `yyparse(void)'
	> ../../unxlngppc.pro/obj/rsclex.o(.got2+0x3c): undefined reference to `yylval'

	cd rsc
	rm -rf unxlngppc.pro

	This will force a total rebuild in the rsc directory.  The problem is
	that the  unxlnppc.pro/inc/rscyacc.yxx is created as header code using
	the old version of the makefile.rc and the new version will not remake
	it because the date stamp is newer than the source file (cant remember
	off the source filename the top of my head).

These undefined references breaks the build at this point a few minutes
	Rsc2 commandline: rsc2 @/tmp/filegvW5PZ
	Files: /tmp/fileOAKpW1
	reading file /tmp/fileOAKpW1 rsc2: relocation error: rsc2: undefined symbol: yyparse__Fv

I'm working on it ....

BTW .... 

I created a web page for the news about getting OpenOffice into debian.
I will all my thoughts, builderrors, patches etc etc include to this
status-page. If someone else has some thing, which should be mentioned
on this page, please mail me or to debian-openoffice. I will include it


One time, you all will be emulated by linux!

Jan- Hendrik Palic
E-Mail: "palic@billgotchy.de"

Version: 3.12
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