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Fwd: this is markybob

Hey folks,

markybob wrote me, letting me know he's OK. I've
forwarded on the message so others who know him know
he's OK. 

David ("pgpkeys") Downey

Note: forwarded message attached.

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hey, remember me? :-)  told you i'd write.  you should let the guys know
that i'm working with the IT division (on the USS Constellation CV-64) and
putting linux to good use in there ;-)  they use everything microsoft here,
it's sickening.  NT Servers, Workstations, Outlook, Exchange, Proxy,
etc...blah.  i'm starting to change things around (on the server end, of
course).  i'll let you all know how well it's accepted when things really
start kickin'.  for now i gotta go, just wanted to tell you that i was still
breathing.  i hope everything's going well with you, and debian.  g/b

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