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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for February 8, 2002

On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 06:00:02AM -0600, BugScan reporter wrote:
> Package: gmt (debian/main)
> Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
>   132135 [       ] gmt: Files in etc not marked as conffiles

Easily done. Don't know why I missed those. Will fix when getting
back from uni.

> Package: gs-aladdin (debian/non-free)
> Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
>   128438 [       ] gs-aladdin: Usage of gs-aladdin results in termination with the error message "Error: /invalidfont in findfont"

The good old defoma problem... Not sure how to fix it "right".

> Package: gs-common (debian/main)
> Maintainer: Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org>
>   126475 [       ] libdb2: Package doesn't build from source on i386

gsfonts package is missing which is needed in the libdb2 build. So this
is really a bug in libdb2 but still I am going to have gs depend on the
fonts since nobody is going to use gs without them and if somebody really
wants to there is the equivs package anyway.



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