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Re: ITP: debian-corba -- Suite of tools for using the Debian CORBA interface

[ I'm subscribed to -devel, CCs are unnecessary ]

On Thu, 2002-02-07 at 17:59, W. Borgert wrote:

> The idea of exporting the Debian services via CORBA is cool!
> But the name of the package is a little bit misleading - one
> might think, it's possible to control any Debian machine
> using CORBA (another cool thing, by the way) 

Hmmm.  I think that we are so far from such a thing being possible, that
very few people would draw such a conclusion.  And even if it was
eventually implemented, I doubt it would end up being specific to Debian
at all, since there are (strangely enough, I know) other systems out
there that have a lot of similar software that Debian does, and such a
project would likely want to try to support those too...at least until
Debian finishes taking over the world :)

But if others also have an objection to name, I can change it, I guess.

> or that it
> contains all kind of ORBs, IDL compilers or other CORBA
> related tools.  

I think it should be obvious that those would be in other packages.

> Maybe debian-project-corba or whatever is
> better?  The short description should also be "Tools for
> using the Debian project server CORBA interface".

That change to the short description is a good idea; fixed in CVS.

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