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Re: It's Huntin' Season

>>"Adam" == Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org> writes:

 Adam> No, they should be blamed.  Debian Policy is very blunt in this
 Adam> manner.  Files in /etc are configuration files.  Files in /etc
 Adam> shipped in debs are conffiles, and must not be modified by
 Adam> scripts.

	And where exactly does Emacs policy contradict this?

 Adam> Configuration files(of which conffiles are a subset) must
 Adam> maintain user edits.

 Adam> It's really very plain.

	Quite. What is not so plain is where this rant is coming from. 

 Adam> You can't ignore one policy in favor of another.  Emacs Policy
 Adam> extends Debian Policy, it doesn't subplant it.

	yeah, yeah. Either provide some basis for this, or get this
 off the list.

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 it's a plan for." Fred Hoyle
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