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Re: It's Huntin' Season

Malcolm Parsons wrote:
> Bug #118987 was closed with this explanation:
> That's because all settings for devpts.sh are set in
> /etc/default/devpts. So there should be no need to change devpts.sh.
> Should this bug be reopened with a serious severity?

Yes, and a whap on the head for anyone who could so badly misinterprit
policy, which is quite unambiguous on this point:

     The `/etc/init.d' scripts should be treated as configuration files,
     either by marking them as `conffile's or managing them correctly in
     the maintainer scripts (see Section 11.7, `Configuration

see shy jo, who introduced the /etc/default/ files amendment to policy,
            and never intended it to make /etc/init.d/ files not be
	    conffiles any more.

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