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Re: It's Huntin' Season

This Subject: is offtopic... :)

On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 12:27:22PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>  >> > >     The /etc/init.d scripts should be treated as configuration files,
>  >> ^^^^^^
>  >> 
>  >> > 10.3.2 doesn't say you must give the administrator some way to
>  >> > configure the script. It says the script must be handled like any
>  >> > other configuration file -- either it's a conffile, or it's handled
>  >> > by the package scripts. Simple as that.
>  >> 
>  >> Ah, but it doesn't say "must", it says "should".
> 	So it is not a RC bug -- but still a bug.
>  Hamish> That may be a mistake in policy then because in practice it is a must.
> 	You mean this should be an RC bug? Why? 

This is actually an RC bug, because if one doesn't mark an init.d script as
conffile and doesn't install it manually from postinst, they let dpkg
happily overwrite it on each upgrade and thus break the following rule:

>      Configuration file handling must conform to the following behavior:
>         * local changes must be preserved during a package upgrade, and
>         * configuration files must be preserved when the package is
>           removed, and only deleted when the package is purged.

>  Files under /etc/ that do not change program behaviour do not need to
>  preserve user changes, and there is nothing I can see in policy of the
>  FHS that says non configuration files can't live in /etc. 

But FHS says:

       3.4  /etc : Host-specific system configuration

       /etc contains configuration files and directories that are specific to
       the current system.

You could interpret that as "it typically contains those" and everything
else is allowed, but then, what's the point in creating a hierarchy if
we're going to bump all sorts of offtopic things everywhere because it's not
explicitely forbidden...

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