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Re: Compiling for Athlon

Adam Stewart Edgar <adam.edgar@ua.edu> cum veritate scripsit:

> As to this part of why I asked is because here at UA we're putting
> together a cluster of 40+ P3 400 that came out of labs and need some
> insane apps to take up time and space on them.  I feel this would be a
> pretty distributable project to spec out the cluster.;-)

Note that many applications will fail to build, so it is not
just happy rebuilding.
You will have to patch quite a few programs to get them working, 
from my experience.
pbuilder + pentium-builder should be able to do most of what
you want, because that was one of the initial motivations.
pentium-builder 0.16.1 has a hack to use gcc-3.0 and athlon
optimization. It should probably be possible to use it
to recompile packages. 

I've had severe problems recompiling gcc etc., so some special-casing 
of what package to rebuild, and not is probably required.

I think there is no lack of computing resource for this kind of 
thing, just lack of human resource. Doing all this and hacking the
source to build might help the general porting issues, if you
could do the bug filings reasonably, with workable patches.


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