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Re: Compiling for Athlon

On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 17:41, Corrin Lakeland wrote:
> However, is it worth it? 
> You'll use up a lot of bandwidth downloading the source packages.  Since you  
> won't want to wait for it to compile packages when you apt-get dist-upgrade 
> you'll have to be running the buildd every night.  You'll use a lot more 
> bandwidth if you make your packages available ;-)
> You'll use heaps of CPU -- forget about doing anything else overnight and 
> even then you'll need a very grunty machine to keep up with unstable, you 
> might even need multiple machines depending on the number of packages you've 
> got installed.  On a flash Athlon, KDE takes perhaps 4 hours to compile, I'd 
> be guessing you'd exceed 12 hours building about once a month.  I'm not sure 
> how well the buildds cope with not keeping up with unstable, I guess pretty 
> smartly since we still have m68k.
> You'll use a lot of disk space.  Take your binary installed size and multiply 
> by 10, that is roughly what you'll need in total, unless you organise the 
> buildd so it deletes the source after each install.

As to this part of why I asked is because here at UA we're putting
together a cluster of 40+ P3 400 that came out of labs and need some
insane apps to take up time and space on them.  I feel this would be a
pretty distributable project to spec out the cluster.;-)

So what if its riduculous so is running daily cvs builds and we do that.

Adam S Edgar

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