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Re: Debian Organization

> Some kind of system to prune away old obsoleted unmaintained packages is
> probably a good idea.  Or at least a way to make users aware which
> packages are old, obsolescent, and unmaintained.

I agree with the previous posting that any script for handling these
automatically is to fail by design.

But of course we should have a look at the popularity-contest's result
and think about removing packages that are unmaintained, buggy and
unpopular. But this has to be done by humans.

No automatic removals, please.
There are packages, that are rarely updated, and that are unpopular, but
that are still important.
For example "dvhtool" - i'd bet that this package is one of the least
popular ones (well, it's for modifing sgi disklables, so it's probably
only interesting for user's of mips architecture on sgi indy etc.)
The package will probably not change at all in the next month's, still
it won't be unmaintained nor not useful. Maybe it's so unpopular it
doesn't need to be at the CDs at all, but it's essential if you want to
use the mips arch on sgi indy.
It doesn't fulfill the bug "requirement" though. Maybe there are better


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