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Re: Relocatable packages

* Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@cs.msu.su> [020203 15:47]:
> > Sorry, I just see no reason at all why anything should be anywhere
> > else than /usr for packages /usr/local for [...]
> What if you need 2 copies of the same package with different configurations?

Then hope the program has an option to give it its configfile at the
command line. Many programms need this, relocated would need even more
dofisticated mathods of the same. Thus no advantage for relaocated

> What if you need 2 versions of the same package?

That might be a reason when you first look at it. But this is quite a
complex situation. Supporting multiple versions of one package is quite
more difficult than simple relocation. You have to make sure that the
one version only uses its own files and under no way those of the other
one. You would have to make sure that each of those knows where it is
and what to use. I doubt any system is possible, that makes this easier
than installing on of them by compiling the source.

  Bernhard R. Link

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