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Re: Two suggestions for woody release

On Thu, 2002-01-31 at 23:11, Joey Hess wrote:
> Coming in a bit late here, but this parallels something I was thinking
> about today. base-config's apt-setup could easily add any set of
> distributuons to sources.list and set up an apt.conf file to pin to the
> release the user picks. The issues are:
> * Doesn't work for CD only installs.
> * Increases download time of apt-get update. Will this annoy users?
>   Would I have to ask if they want this done?
> * base-config is supposed to be frozen already.

I've been thinking of writing an "aptconf" package along the lines of
the Progeny *conf packages that would do this via debconf (with a
configlet as well).  If it were seen as a bad idea to alter base-config
to this extent, perhaps this would be a good alternative.

This wouldn't necessarily help much during installs, but it could be of
great assistance to users post-install.

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