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Re: Looking for a development project which works on Networking Area.

"Usha Arcot Radhakrishnan" <ushasrin@hotmail.com> writes:

> I am Usha . I have around 6 years of IT experience, I would like to
> Volunteer in Network Programming development area. I saw  the
> following project which requires volunteers:
> Kernel-Related Projects
> ***********************
>    * An over-the-ethernet debugger stub that will allow the kernel to be
>      debugged from GDB running on another machine.
> If any one could guide me to the team that is working for it, i would
> be more thankfull or to some other project which is developing
> projects in Networking Area would be fine.I have attached my details
> in this mail. Kindly have a look at my details and guide me.

	I suggest you start at http://www.kernelnewbies.org/
        They also have a mailing list that will be much more useful to
        you than Debian.

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