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Re: facilitating donations

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> wrote:
>>>> at least EUR 7,-. The EU commission is going to force the banks to
>>> Is that even when the money is deposited to/from accounts based in euro? 
>>>  Or is this from local money->euro->local money, or what?  I'm really 
>>> confused. :)
>> The euro /is/ the local money now in the aforementioned countries.

> So, they're essentially charging you an exchange fee for converting Euro
> to Euro.

No, they aren't charging for exchanging, but for transfering,
nevertheless the rates imo are much too high.

The real nice thing was the exchange-fees they took for exchanging
different euro-currencies for the last 2 years, they did not lower
them in 1999 although since iirc 1999 the exchange-rates of the
currencies of the would-be-euro-countries to the Euro have been fixed,
since then the local currencies have been local instances of the Euro
instead of real currencies, removing any risk of variation of exchange
rates for the banks.
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Is this an expression of your national pride? ;-)
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