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Re: Two suggestions for woody release

> Try working for fixing the RC bug.
> If we have the power to make that another distribution,
> we should be able to fix the RC bugs.

  This is true, but since there will still be time between two stable
releases, this would only postpone the need of such a "repository". I
do not know how much of a job setting up such a thing would be but
since people would be compiling programs that are not included in
stable anyway, we could just as well have a central place to put the

  A _very_ good example of this is Adrian Bunk's 2.4-series kernel
tweaks for potato. You have to know or ask someone where to find them
otherwise you cannot use them. There is XFree4 for potato as well, in
a different place - these and all like them could be in one place. The
point is, the work in packaging them will be done _anyway_. Providing
a place for everyone (well, every developer) to upload to should not
be much more of a job.

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