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Re: Two suggestions for woody release

>>> We still have them in sid. Isn't that enough ?
>>   To make it short, no.
> You can always 'apt-get -b source $package_that_is_not_in_stable'.

  No, you can not. Try 'apt-get -b source dx' on a stable system...
Complains about a thousand missing dependancies. Stable's apt-get
cannot do 'build-dep' so that does not help either. Now, woody's
apt-get would know build-dep but would it grab woody's -dev's or the
newer ones?

  This is a little unclear: Assume Woody is now stable and I have only
pointed deb-src to non-stable. I try to 'apt-get -b source packageA',
and it finds I lack some libraries. Now, should I use build-dep to
grab the dependancies from woody with apt-get install or use apt-get -b
source to grab them from unstable - and probably go through the
missing dependancies -loop all over again.

  If the former, grabbing them from woody, would work, there would be
no problem but from what I can tell, that is not the case: packageA
probably depends on either newer versions of libraries or totally new
packages than what are found in woody. Now what I would like to see is
an "official" repository for packages that are not in woody and for
which someone already has gone through the iterative steps in the
latter possibility above - if compiling against woody's libraries etc
is not possible. My point is to keep people from reinventing the
wheel: once someone has done it, why not upload it to somewhere where
everyone else can find it, too. Grabbing the source from unstable is
not a solution since it involves a heck of a job (unless unstable is
barely newer than stable but given the current lifetime of stable this
is only true for a little part of stable's lifetime).

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