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Re: interesting times installing 2.4.17 in Woody...

Jim Gettys <jg@pa.dec.com> wrote:

> o gnome battery aplet is advising me the kernel may not have APM support.
> Is this true?  Do I have to build a kernel to get it?  This would be
> unfortunate....

Put apm in /etc/modules.

> On the laptop, Keith's suggestion was different: to add ext3 to my initrd.  
> Using mkinitrd did the trick, and now my laptop is running ext3 on the 
> root.  It sure would be nice if the initrd that came with current 2.4's 
> after 2.4.16 came with ext3 in it, or if the base system built ext3 in 
> entirely.

If you have ext3 in your fstab, then the kernel should work out of the
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