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Re: Again from Debian planet

On 01/28/2002 09:11:47 AM Paolo Redaelli wrote:

>> This time is:
>> http://www.debianplanet.org/comments.php?sid=581&tid=6147&mode=&order
>>     1) Clearly break Debian in core, main and extras.

I'm curious as to what would change.

After the breakup, why would any workloads change or anything speed up?

>>     Debian Core (3.4) released.
>>     Debian Main (3.2) released (depends on Core 3.3).
>>     Its time for a release "3":
>>     Use Extras (3.1)--Main (3.1)-->Core(3.1)
>>     Debian Extras (3.2) released (depends on Main3.2)

Before the breakup "I'm running apache on unstable, apt-get upgraded this
morning, and the symptoms of my bug are..."

After the breakup "I'm running apache, I'm using Core (3.4) Main (3.3)
Extras (3.4) ..."

Maybe need the entire output of dpkg --list in each bugreport just to
figure out what the bug victim is using.

Making dependency problems even harder to troubleshoot will not make things
get fixed quicker.

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