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Re: The future of gpassman (was Re: gpasman: Intent to file for removal!)

Anyone wanting in on this project email me and I will start including
you in on our emails.  I kinda want to take this off of debian-devel
list and set up our own list.  I forget if sourceforge provides a
mailing list, if it doesnt does anyone feel like setting one up on thier
machine?  In anycase I have set up a project on sourceforge.net with the
project name Debian Password Manager and the unix name of dpasman.  I am
happy to take all the help anyone is offering.

-Scott Henson


 "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty: power is ever stealing from
the many to the few.  The manna of popular liberty must be gathered each
day, or it is rotten... The hand entrusted with power becomes, either
from human depravity or esprit de corps, the necessary enemy of the
people.  Only by continual oversight can the democrat in office be
prevented from hardening into a despot: only by unintermitted agitation
can a people be kept sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty
be smothered in material prosperity... Never look, for an age when the
people can be quiet and safe.  At such times despotism, like a shrouding
mist, steals over the mirror of Freedom"
- Wendell Phillips

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