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Re: schemers: please support slib

I set a reply-to: header to 131129@bugs.debian.org If you think its improper, please let me know. Of course, discussion could still happen in debian-devel, but please Cc: me.

If you need to follow the bug report, you could use the newly born PTS system. See debian-devel-announce for detail.

Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   How about doing something like the emacsen?  A brief sketch:

  Every Scheme implementation places a file with the same name as the
package in, eg, /usr/lib/slib/install/ and /usr/lib/slib/remove/; when
an implementation is installed or removed, it calls
/usr/lib/slib/slib-implementation-[install|remove] package.  slib itself
does a similar thing when it is installed or removed.

I like this idea too.

  (Note that this is somewhat backwards from the way emacs does it --
   there, the packages register for the implementations.  The reason I'm
   suggesting this is that there is only one major Scheme package, and
   about a zillion implementations; furthermore, there's no standard way
   that I know of to create a Scheme package -- so every single package
   has to have its own installation instructions for each implementation)

It's different from Elisp packages. Elisp packages are mostly applications such as email reader or a mode file. Slib is more or less a extension of Scheme itself implemented using Scheme itself. So there is probably no needs for many such packages.

And Scheme application (if there are any ;-) ) will almostly be standalone applications. So they do not need to come in the scene.

Last, I think the availablity of many Scheme implementations in Debian is legitmated. Because each has their advantages and disadvantages. And by enabling slib to everyone, we could reduce some meaningless implementations' chance to come in.

I'd like to hear more opinions from seasoned schemers before sitting down to write any documentation or codes. ;-)


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