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Keeping a package from entering testing.


 I am maintaining LIRC packages and I believe that the current packages
 which entered testing lately are in quite good shape, but yesterday a
 new upstream version of LIRC was released.

 I want to update the packages but there will be some changes and I
 don't want to take the chance of replacing good "mostly up to date"
 packages with bleeding edge buggy packages for woody.

 I would like to release the updated version to unstable and keep it
 there until I am satisfied with the packing. How can I do that?

	o Filling a RC bug against my own packages?
	o Maybe a new 'urgency' value could be used for this purpose in
	  the future.

 Thanks for your attention

--- Manuel Estrada Sainz <ranty@debian.org>
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God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to
change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

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